Medical Information Network - North Sound

A local initiative to benefit our community, Medical Information Network-North Sound (MIN-NS), is bringing all the advantages of Health Information Exchange (HIE) technology to hospitals, physicians and patients in Skagit County and the North Sound region.

When care coordination is strengthened, better care is given and provider reimbursements are improved. MIN-NS HIE helps strengthen connections in medical communities locally and beyond by providing quick, easy access to:
  •   Patient information outside your electronic medical record system
  •   Network documents compiled in an easy-to-read clinical summary
  •   Secure mail system for exchanging notes and patient information


HIE Spans Electronic Connectivity Information Gaps

MIN-NS Health Information Exchange reaches across gaps in connectivity between hospitals, clinics and other healthcare services allowing providers at different locations on different electronic systems to securely share patient care information. Records and reports in the HIE can be viewed and filtered according to your needs, then downloaded, printed or securely mailed to others on the patient's healthcare team.

Stay informed and in control of your patient’s care coordination no matter where your patient travels or providers reside. Find out more about MIN-NS Health Information Exchange.