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September 24, 2010               
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Local physician employs first next generation coronary stent in region

MOUNT VERNON - Sanjeev Vaderah, MD, interventional cardiologist with Skagit Regional Clinics – Cardiology, was the first in five Western states to use the latest in coronary stent technology for a patient.

The Medtronic “Integrity” coronary stent is the next generation in technology for physicians treating patients with blockage or narrowing of the arteries. Stents are wire mesh tubes placed in an artery during angioplasty to support the compromised portion of the artery.

The latest version features a bare-metal design called sinusoid technology that is more flexible and easier to place in difficult cases, Dr. Vaderah said. Each stent is made from a single wire of cobalt alloy and is laser fused.

“They are more conforming to the anatomy and you can get these stents into more challenge areas of the artery,” Dr. Vaderah said. “It’s a good tool and a brand new platform.”

Dr. Vaderah used the new stent for a patient treated Wednesday, Sept. 22 in the cardiac catheterization lab at Skagit Valley Hospital.

The stents will be generally available to physicians next week. The “Integrity” will serve as a platform for Medtronic’s future technology that may include drug-filled stents, according to Kevin McDonough, sales representative for Medtronic.

“This stent is considerably more deliverable, which can make the difference between being able to place a stent or having to send a patient to surgery,” McDonough said.