How Do I Refer My Child?

Discuss concerns with child’s physician. The physician will send a referral. After the referral is received, you will be asked to provide information regarding insurance. Once the referral is received, you will receive a phone call from one of our unit coordinators to schedule the appointment.

Please complete the following:
  • Developmental (Case) History (found under Forms below or mailed to you)
  • Feeding History and Journal if coming for feeding therapy (mailed to you) 
  • Plan to be on time for evaluation. Arriving late may result in the need to reschedule the appointment. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy (Forms section below.)
  • Bring copies of related reports or evaluation to your child’s first appointment.
  • Keep us updated regarding any insurance, physician and phone number/address changes that occur as soon as possible
  • Insurance plans vary between policies and companies; therefore it is essential that you become familiar with those services which are/are not covered by your specific insurance policy.
  • Find out from your insurance company if the evaluation your child is schedule for will be covered by your policy. If it is for therapy not related to an injury, you will want to find out about the coverage for “neurodevelopmental”