What Our Patients are Saying

Berit Schweiss, patient of Neil Plume, OT/L, CHT

Berit Schweiss in rehab with Neil Plume, OT/L, CHT with Skagit Regional Health Rehabilitation Services“I will need to have surgery to repair a torn ligament in my thumb. I am working with Neil Plume, Occupational Therapist, in order to keep the thumb in alignment to prevent orthopedic changes until the surgery can be done. It has been fantastic to work with Neil. He explains everything thoroughly, is helpful and fun.”



Carl E. Crawford
, patient of Lindsay Kizinkewich, PT

Lindsay Kizinkewich, PT with Skagit Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Department and Carl Crawford, patient“I was a parapalegic from a non-traumatic spinal cord injury that happened in February 2012. I spent seven weeks at Harborview. I came to Skagit Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Services in April 2012 for therapy and was doing really well. Unfortunately, in July 2012 I had a big setback when I broke my hip so I needed to come back for additional therapy.

The first time I came here I said to my wife “D.J. (Donna Jean), we’ll never look anyplace else!” All the therapists here are really professional, they know what they’re doing and they make it a fun place to come. I would absolutely recommend Skagit Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Services therapists. They’re doing a great job here!”


Armando Reyes, patient of Lindsay Kizinkewich, PT

Lindsay Kizinkewich, PT with Skagit Valley Hospital Rehab Services and Armando Reyes, patientHigh school athlete Armando Reyes started physical therapy at Skagit Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Services on the recommendation of his physician due to an MCL tear in his knee incurred during a basketball game.

Armando says he has been working with many of the therapists. “It’s fun and a different workout every time. They have been focusing on balancing, bending, and strengthening. I play basketball and football and want to play at the college level.”

One of Armando’s therapists, Lindsay Kizinkewich, PT, says that the therapists have been focusing on high-level sports-specific agility and coordination exercises to help him return to sports. Armando says “Right now I want to get better fast for football. My knee is feeling much better.”