Orthopedics and Spine Center


Orthopedics focuses on injuries and diseases of your body's musculoskeletal systems including bones, joints, ligament, tendons, muscles and nerves. Orthopedic surgeons can diagnosis injuries or disorders, treat these ailments with medication, exercise or surgery and assist with rehabilitation and prevention.

Orthopedic surgical treatments available at Skagit Valley Hospital include arthroscopy, fusion, internal fixation, partial and total joint replacement and soft tissue repair.

Orthopedic surgeons from Advanced Orthopaedic Institute and Skagit Northwest Orthopedics perform surgeries at Skagit Valley Hospital.


Spine surgery has evolved tremendously in the last ten years. Advances in surgical techniques and post-operative pain control have shortened hospital stays and overall recovery time. Many of our patients are in the hospital less than 24 hours, and back at work in 2-3 weeks. All of our spine surgeons treat both lumbar (low back) and cervical (neck) spine disease. The surgeons work closely with each patient to determine the best procedure based on that particular patient’s imaging, symptoms, and lifestyle. 

Skagit Valley Hospital is proud to be participating in the spine Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program (SCOAP) with other facilities across the state of Washington. This ground-breaking program collects data from patients in Washington who have undergone spine surgery. As the SCOAP database grows, our surgical results will help establish ‘best practice’ guidelines for spine programs in Washington and beyond. 

Neurosurgeons from Skagit Regional Clinics perform spine surgeries at Skagit Valley Hospital.