Breast Care Center

Breast Care Center, Skagit Regional Health, Mount Vernon, WAPrevention and diagnosis is the first step in breast health and breast cancer treatment. The Breast Care Center is here to serve patients throughout the Skagit Valley.

The Breast Care Center offers complete breast health services in Mount Vernon including routine and diagnostic mammograms with the latest digital technology. Mammograms can help detect breast cancers in the earliest, most treatable stages. Digital mammography allows radiologists to gain a more advanced image that conventional mamorgraphy to evaluate breast health and any possible areas of concern.

The Breast Care Center also offers several other services including stereotactic breast needle biopsy, ductograms, and preoperative needle localization. Diagnostic breast ultrasound as well as ultrasound-guided procedures are performed on-site.

For more information about scheduling a mammogram visit the The Breast Care Center or call 360-428-7275 or 888-371-2812.

The Breast Care Center is a division of Skagit Digital Imaging, a partnership of Skagit Radiology, Inc., Skagit Regional Clinics and Skagit Valley Hospital.

Visit The Breast Institute  at Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center for more information about breast cancer treatment for the women in our community.