Oncology Nursing Society Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Course- Non Employees

The intended learner for this program is a licensed registered nurse with a minimum of 6 months employment as a nurse, who possesses a basic understanding of cancer biology. Course Requirements: All of the following requirements must be met • Attend the course in its entirety • Minimum of 80% on the post-test • Submission of the Course Evaluation within one week of the close of the course Only registered nurses are eligible to receive the ONS Chemotherapy & Biotherapy Provider Card. This card validates the registered nurse has the theoretical foundation needed to administer cytotoxic and biotherapeutic agents. The card is valid for two years. The ONS Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Course is NOT a certification course, and is not intended to measure competency. Individual institutions are responsible for determining their own requirements for assessing clinical competency

Registration fee: $110

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